Roll nos not listed in the published results- BPSC Anonymous feedback   10 comments

BPSC confirmation on Not Happy with BPSC result 2011- the response

Dear All, After checking most of yours roll numbers BPSC official has confirmed to anonymous that your marks were lower than yours segment limits hence not been listed in the published results.

However, only one aspirants result who has approached through this blog is in suspicion and BPSC will initiate its review mechanism very soon and will come back to media.

“Sometimes hope is good! When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. Anonymous

Will keep you updated as and when news breaks in.


10 responses to “Roll nos not listed in the published results- BPSC Anonymous feedback

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  1. my roll no. is 118553 and i cant believe that i have not cleared p.t.. kindly check it….

  2. Sir, as you mentioned that 1 roll no is under consideration. whose roll no is this?

  3. Please chaeck my roll no 170776.

  4. Sir, will BPSC release answer key as marks displayed is not according to my expectation

  5. Dear All,

    I have lauged a complain on the protal,

    Your Registration Number is : GOVBH/E/2011/00127
    Leave the password blank

    You can check out the status here against BPSC. Get info about some good laywer from Patna HC so we can go for court case also. we can make a group and move forward.

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