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Now when the Prelim test result has been published, it is right time for candidates to focus on the main’s preparations. This article is written while  keeping BPSC aspirant in view, however, this Do’s and Don’ts can be used by any aspirants appearing PSC exam  including UPSC, UPPSC, JPSC, MPPSC etc .

I know most of us are happy and celebrating, but after seeing the BPSC PT result and cut-off it is clear that BPSC  is determined to raise quality of selection will not accept anything less that excellent aspirants to the service commission. Also it is now clear that Mains exam may be sooner or later in next three months time.

Therefore, It is better to start preparing for mains with quality result and take more concentration and focused approach.

Here are few Do’s and Don’t for all the candidates.  I know few of you are appearing for the first time while few are facing it for second or third time with a dilemma of how to attempt successfully this time. Never mind this article will address to both of you.

This article is focused to optional subject’ Dos and Don’ts only. However, my mains mock test follower may ask for more details in the regular forum. Nevertheless

DO’s for BPSC or UPSC Mains

1. Now it is the time that you concentrate on your optionals more creatively. If you have still not finalised your mains optional, do it Now! with appropriate language to write in.

2. Every guide will tell you above without giving you tricks how to do that, here is few of the numerous yardstick to select your optional:

  • a. what was you graduation subjects.
  • b. what kind of subject under top ten of BPSC syllabus attracts you most.
  • c. what is your study capabilities?  e.g. are you avid reader or snapshot reader?
  • d. what is your reading speed?
  • e. writing and comprehension skill? etc.

I have designed a questionnaire for the mock test takers. However, This language selection test is free for all just write me in with your roll number and I will send you the test link. Answer the listed questions and you will reach to your subject of choice.

3. Concentrate on the subject with Bihar being centre of it. For example for candidate with  Labour Social Welfare may study topics like Mahila Kalyan with keeping the status, condition, schemes from government, local NGO related of Women in Bihar, you may refer how AASHA BAHEIN is success story for Women libration in Bihar etc.

4. Except for few main subject most of the subject needs you to answer the question with a current affairs flavour. Be sure, this is how you become innovative in answering the questions. (This you might have heard several times refered by TOP RANKERS at UPSC , JPSC and BPSC and they brags about it.)

5. Now once you selected the mains subjects and are ready with providing flavours to it, realign your study material including GS books. I have already discussed  this in the previous blogs.

6.  Someone may tell you this is not the time for improving your handwriting, I just don’t agree with them. But how to do it at this point of time is totally a different ball game. (if you need to improve your writing in context of your PSC mains exam, write me in I will send you some suggestions).

7. Now comes the comprehension skill, whether you are taking exam in English or Hindi, it does not matter, what matters how comfortable you are at  comprehending in that language. So once again selection of language is important since the beginning  of your preparation. I am soon starting a very fresh BPSC PREP FREE GUIDE blog article for fresh aspirants with a Blog for unsuccessful candidates, which will act as ” A complete guide to BPSC”. Yes!  your read it right, it wll be absolutely free as of my mock test forum started last month.

Don’ts for BPSC or UPSC Mains

1. Do not get panicked by seeing the amount of study required for the completion of your choice of subject. Or dont droll over the big question  “have I selected the subject of my choice wrongly as the syllabus is vast” isn’t it something similar to some famous brand alcohol punch line “have i make it large” in such condition be Dhoni just strike it straight and differently.

2. Don’t think of completing your subject in access of what is in syllabus.

3. Don’t try to be smart by reading several books and reaching nowhere close to completing your own subject syllabus.

4. Don’t try to mix UPSC and BPSC mains together, as both of it requires different approach to become successful. I am very aware of the fact both exams main dates may clashes some time. But, remember you need proper planning instead of just mixing the subjects. And if you are planning to appear for both make mains subject common and universal(not only common like History is a dangerous subject to be studied for both for mains), like Public Administration, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering etc.

5. Don’t be fool to compare yourself with some one else based on extent of preparation or completion of syllabus, never do that it will land you on the failure ground ( Student of psychology understand this fact better). That is why I don’t scribe to fact that study together or group study will make you successful.

Let me know if you have some other do’s and don’ts. In fact you write your own do’s and don’ts here:


27 responses to “How to prepare for Mains: BPSC UPSC JPSC Do’s and Don’ts

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  1. i want to participate in mock test conducting by you
    I qualified for bpsc
    My roll no 126409

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  7. i want to participate in mock test conducting by you
    I qualified for bpsc
    My roll no 108946

  8. Sir thanks for ur very useful suggestions. I want to improve my writing skill for mains exam. My optionals are public administration and geography. My roll no in BPSC is 291185.

  9. Sir, I am totally failure resulted civil service aspirant. I try from 39th bpsc. during this time i face mains of UPSC, UPPSC, AND BPSC. Ihave pass all PTs but unsuccessful in mains.I totally fit as one day player not as test player.There is problem in writing skill.i am Hindi medium student and my option is LSW and HISTORY, MY roll no is 183975. plz give me usefull suggestion to qualify mains

  10. can someone please tell … the medium for jpsc is how much strict ??? can some1 give one optional paper in hindi and another in english ??? i want satifactory ans pls reply positively

  11. dear sir , i am the student of Bcom 1st year and i want to prepare for bpsc . but i have no ideas about it , please sujest me for it.

  12. sir,i am student of[forestry] i want to appear in bpsc exam plz tell me forestry is in syllubus or not

  13. sir please muje bpsc aur jpsc exam ke syllabus ke barein mai kahe

  14. Dear sir, i will pass my b.e in next july. I want to prepare for further b.p.s.c exam with public administration and maithili in hindi medium.kindly assist me with best notes and books.wheather or where to prfèr a coaching for the same subject combination?? Plz. Send me all details of b.p.s.c. Thanks

  15. plz send me link of mock test

  16. sir, I feel selection of subjects in main is very important. Although I passed with science, yet I want to prepare with art papers. my pt result has just published by the bpsc. Now how to prepare it successfully in short time.

  17. Sir, I’m enrolled with href=””> WizIQ IAS Preliminary General Studies and CSAT Online Video Coaching.. do online coaching serve better & is it good to aim for IFS or straight way go to IAS.

  18. sir i m doing chemistry honours…/.i m in 3rd year…i want to prepare for jpsc…i m good i english…plz advice me subject combination and sylabus for chemistry papers………..thanks

  19. sir,i am the student of B.TECH final year,sir want to a successful women in the world with onesty and truly love our country,i want to change overall administration in india,solved corruption,beggring,politics,blind democracy,but this change only by young generetion with truly heart so,sir i want to became a successful I.A.S officer ,sir plz help me,i belongs to middle class femily

  20. Sir can i write opt{elect engg&physicr} in english & gs in hindi

  21. Sir can i write opt{elect engg&physics} in english & gs in hindi

  22. sir i am an electrical engineer and i want to do jpsc what kind of preparation i can do with my job which is in favour.


  24. sir i m a student of B.A-1. I am doing my graduatiom with econocis as honours paper and geography and history as subsidiary papers. I want to prepare for B.P.S.C exams. so, sir please give me ample information..

  25. Sir Good Morning . My Self Amit Kumar Tiwari . I am Persuing in Graduation last Year.(B.COM) i want to know that how to prepare the bpsc examination and what sub offered to me.

  26. Respected Sir/Madam,
    Thanks for your kind help to the needy students regarding the BPSC, JPSC & UPSC, Now I am the student of B.A Part-1 in Journalism and Mass Communication, in the Nalanda Open University, Patna, My Question is that is this degree is suitable for civil service.

  27. Sir my name is Abhishek Walter.i m doing my software eng. from vit university ,vellore.
    i want to knw whether i am eligible for bpsc exams or not.i searched through many websites nd came to knw that only
    Degree in
    Natural Science;
    Mechanical Engineering;
    Civil Engineering;
    Chemical Engineering;
    Agriculture or Economics is preferred

    so pls tell me ASAP about my eliglibity,thanku sir

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