BPSC 2011 updated Syllabus for other requested subject   6 comments

Please find other most requested subject syllabus for BPSC 2011.
A. Psychology BPSC 2011 Syllabus, Click on thumbnail to enlarge and print.
BPSC 2011 syllabus Psychology Hindi










B.Public Administration BPSC 2011 Syllabus









C. Sociology BPSC 2011 Syllabus









c.Sociology part-2


6 responses to “BPSC 2011 updated Syllabus for other requested subject

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  1. if possible kindly upload BPSC syllb for phy, maths [updated] and BPSC mains Q-paper of phy & maths of last exam…
    a lot appreciation for ur blog. thanks

  2. sir, please send me bpsc gs study material or model question

  3. plz send bpsc political science & pt syllabus.

  4. sir,
    thanks for giving tips to prepare for upsc GS mains. i humbly request you that please give suggestions to prepare public administration upsc mains.

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  6. Sir, i am a student of computer sci. Eng. So i am elligible for BPSC exam or not?

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