Thank you for the BPSC Mains 2011 bootcamp success   4 comments

Thank you for the success of the Bootcamp and all credit goes to 2011 batch of 30-Rankers

You all might have noted after mayhem at BPSC and their weak responses, The blog has gone silent.

This was due two main factors:

1) We were trying to negotiate on  behalf of not successful candidates, but unfortunately, all our efforts could not help them. However, our blog is with all the candidates who could not qualify due to unreasonable reasons, in fact, our blog has already helped few of you to lodge complaint at BPSC and other forums.

But this news should not worry the successful candidates as you all are successful because of your commitment and efforts which helped you qualify all the hurdles created by BPSC council. There is no chances that this time any cancellation of PT will happen.

2) Secondly, our blog is now busy with organizing BPSC Mains Training – a 4 week Bootcamp and weekly Mock tests and other interactive sessions over webinars and one to one (as of this year we are keeping this bootcamp only for 30 candidates enrolled here for online Mock Test).

Also, we are into thought process how to extend these services to be more fruitful to PSC aspirants from next year onward. Few of the suggestion, which we are seriously thinking are:

1) Medium of sharing to be in Hindi.

2) Contact Classes for needy with association with best Talent in the country, ofcourse at no profit no loss.

3) More interactive session.

4. ……………….’we need more serious inputs to make your aspiration worthwhile” – Vivek July 2011 Bootcamp. So write me in and pour!


The blog is sorry this not whole lot of in this year Mock Test and 30-Rankers-Bootcamp due to obvious reasons like logistics. Next year onwards we will keep these services available through mass media. Till the time bear with your blog for being slow and keep pouring in your valuable suggestions.




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