HT III- Topic 2: Bihar Budget 2012~Industrial growth @ 16.95%   3 comments

Bihar, the state in India where majority of Bi...

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  • Industries share in the gross state domestic product (GSDP) in Bihar has grown to 17.5% in 2011-12, according to state Industries Minister Renu Kumar today. The industries‘ contribution to GSDP stood at Rs 28,645 crore compared to Rs 24,494 crore in the last fiscal which was a growth of 16.95% on the price base of 2004-05.
  • Under industrial promotion policy, the state government was providing subsidy of upto 35% of the cost of projects, while it was at around 50% for captive power plants. Besides, there was provision of 60% subsidy for setting up power plants through renewable energy sources, the minister added.

3 responses to “HT III- Topic 2: Bihar Budget 2012~Industrial growth @ 16.95%

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  1. The industrial growth rate of bihar become 17%(4200 cr) of GSDP is really increadible but true.This data indicates the shining bihar.Agro based industry should be established by the government of bihar.

  2. Ravi, unfortunately Agricultural contribution to GSDP has been contracted due to last years flood followed by famine.

  3. पिंगबैक: Bihar completes 100 years of statehood!!! celerbration reporting « Civil Services Exam Help

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