BPSC Mains 2011-(eventually now in 2012) dates official and unofficial version   7 comments

Dear Aspirant,

I know most of us are fed-up with goof up with this BPSC 2011-2012(whatever!) main exam date.

According to sources at BPSC given us some scoops on why this delay and when you can see some PR (press release).

Anoyn: “Why this delay source”:

Oh let me not tell you political scene and the turmoil happening all across the India. Anyon, look real cause was related to budget submission from BPS commission to government, so that Mr Modi can finish his agenda to state and preparing ourselves for a full-proof exam conducting modality(procedures) at least for mains.” said the Source

“we were waiting on brainstorming session and how to go about, we do not want to repeat history our neighbourly states.” said the really red-faced source

Anoyn: “So when you think dates will be announced”:

Source surges his shoulders and indicated with his figure:
“May be 2-4 weeks, after budget session mostly”

So guys brace you seat belt and lace your shoes, Mains exam dates are just next corner.

Thank you all for valuable comment and encouragement, nevertheless best of luck and hope you preparation must be rocking….


7 responses to “BPSC Mains 2011-(eventually now in 2012) dates official and unofficial version

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  1. Mains will be organised in june.

  2. your guess may be true as if BPSC comes out and declare the dates in April, they must allow aspirants a month for revision.


  4. Hi All, Can any one tell me in which month BPSC and JPSC notifies the prelims exam form. Any website from where I can get the Sylabus and all detils for BPSC and JPSC. Please help me.

  5. पिंगबैक: 26th May 2012- BPSC Main Exam « Civil Services Exam Help

  6. what will be the time gap in between mains result and interview

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