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The Expo was organised to showcase the huge potential of Bihar, which is endowed with rich natural resources and huge human resources. Chairman, organizing committee, Destination Bihar-Expo 2011, K P Jhunjhunwala said that Bihar’s rich natural and human resources could be utilized to increase its present GDP growth rate of 14.5%.

Jhunjhunwala, co-chairman of the organizing committee Nisheeth Jaiswal and BIA president K P S Kesri said that the quality of life of Biharis would improve only when a network of industries is created to get maximum gain from agriculture and other avenues.

Jhunjhunwala said that a number of industrialists and entrepreneurs from all over the country were submitting proposals for setting up ventures in the state. Local entrepreneurs have already invested Rs3,600 crore in the state, he said and added that the Destination Bihar-Expo 2011 is being organized to attract entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to deliberate how to synergize all efforts to take Bihar into the development mainstream, said Kesri.

For the Expo, the BIA has given priority to agriculture, agro-based industry, energy, tourism and hospitality management for both industrial and social growth.

Destination Bihar Expo-2011 on Tuesday stressed on the need for confidence-building measures, so that entrepreneurs could set up micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to make full use of the new Bihar Industrial Incentive Policy and Food Processing Policy.

It was felt that the negative attitude of different government departments in giving purchase preference to local industries discouraged the entrepreneurs.

The managing director of Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA), Anshuli Arya, said that the situation was ripe for accelerating industrial growth, particularly in food processing sector, in Bihar, which is endowed with fertile soil, water and suitable climate. However, scarce land and power problem were the hindering factors, which were being looked into.

Director, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute ( MSMEDI), D K Singh, said that the state government’s departments were imposing a certain turnover eligibility criteria for taking part in the tender process. This excluded local small industries, having lesser turnover, from the tender process. The government departments had given a go by to the State Purchase Preference Policy for giving seven per cent price preference in purchase of products of the local enterprises. This resulted into a stunted growth of industries in Bihar, he said.

Singh pointed out that the Union government gives 15% price preference for purchasing MSMEs’ products.

A senior manager of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govind Sharma, told the entrepreneurs present that the NRDC scientists were doing scientific research for providing innovative technologies for application in industries. NRDC also provided finance for transfer of technology to the industries. Its technology innovations are on display at the NRDC’s stall at the Expo.

BIA secretary general Sanjay Goenka claimed that the implementation of industrial policy in the state was slow as there was delay in providing subsidy to the industries.

The Expo is being organized jointly by the Bihar Industries Association and New Wave Display Services, Kolkata.


With the State Industrial Promotion Board (SIPB) cumulatively approving investment proposals worth Rs2 lakh crore for setting up industries in Bihar, the Bihar Industries Association (BIA) is celebrating the centenary of Bihar by organizing ‘Destination Bihar-Expo 2011’ at Veterinary College ground here from December 12 to 18.

The weeklong programme includes celebration of Industry Day on December 13, Agriculture day on December 14, Women Empowerment Day on December 15, Tourism Day on December 16 and Infrastructure Day on December 17.

Courtsey: TOI


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2 responses to “News-New initiative by Bihar Industrial Association and Impact: Destination Bihar 2011

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  1. to improve its economical growth Bihar must strengthen its infrastructure specially the administration so that the state will attract SEZs (special economical zone ) which is a huge chance to improve ant states growth but,I do not know why THE state is unable to give a powerful administration THOUGH this is THE state only who had given ADMINISTRATION to the world in Murya period.

  2. Magadh Area Board of Bihar State Electricity Board in not giving the benefits of industriall policy 2011. on the plea that they have yet to receive the circular of the board. pl. make me available.

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