BPSC 2011 53-55 PT revised result soon   8 comments

As the court will announce its verdict on Monday 5 Dec 2011. According to sources at BPSC, Patna, commission officials are expecting, following:

1. The verdict will be a more of guideline to BPSC

2. It will set future exam rules and regulation.

3. Commission is going to get reprimanded for their lapses.

4. Need to release new list of candidate.

5. Expecting atleast omission of few successful aspirants(* matter of concern to all)

6. A time lines to declare resulting and main’s examination schedule.

According to sources, if allowed and if no further cases being filed, BPSC can conduct main exam as soon as  March to April 2011.

Be ready aspirant for another Adrenaline rush


Posted दिसम्बर 3, 2011 by Visionary in BPSC, BPSC 2011 Mains, BPSC MAINS, Recruitment

8 responses to “BPSC 2011 53-55 PT revised result soon

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  1. Thanks for updates.

  2. Thanks u very much for timely updates to all of team members.

  3. JPSC did not realesed revised marks or corrected marks to each student after realising revised result. So it is not transparent

    • Discrepancy in Marks in GS-unscaled and History-scaled in the JPSC Exam:

      Moderator,could you provide the link to check the revised score for JPSC .I am able to check my previous score only.My optional paper was history and I have got 91 and 89 questions correct in GS and History respectively but the marks are not tallying in either of the two,atleast in GS it should been correct.I had claimed RTI also a month earlier but even after 40 days no response from JPSC and my marks are much below the expected marks as per the answer keys provided in both papers.
      Let me know what should be the next step that should be taken because its high time we should do something about it as it seems now only the court option is left for the justice ;persons who are thinking on the same line,please contact me at below ID:

  4. Jpsc pt ka result ics aur pcs ka majak hai.calibre ka dhyan nahi rakha gaya.it is a blot on the state s’ bureaucracy.

  5. Any update on High court decision…

  6. Hi there, just was alert to your weblog via Google.

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