Public Service Commission Mains HOT TOPIC Series season -2   Leave a comment

Public Service Commission preparation

Public Service Commission preparation

As the BPSC and JPSC failed to impress with their results and openness. I feel it is the time to take a break from their murkier and malign affair and start talking what most of you are demanding.

So friends and aspirants, from here on once again I am starting HOT TOPIC series, of course this will season -2 and will be slower and serious than the last season.

This time as we all are aware that, the postponement of BPSC and JPSC Mains exams are indefinite and lot of mess need to be cleaned I won’t be dedicating these topic to these two PSC only. In fact, the second season releases will be more concise and less frequent and will cover broad topics under any Indian Public service commission standards.

This means this time topics will applicable from Union Public service Commission to J&K Public commission, from UPPSC to Maharashtra Public service commission, from Rajasthan Public service commission to Assam Public Service Commission.

So let’s be positive and be aligned ourselves to the things, which are in our control and it is of course our preparation, irrespective of disappointments.


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