JPSC 2011- the 4th Exam may be cancelled!   11 comments

BREAKING NEWS: There are some rumour circling in gallery of JPSC that to cancel the 4th exam and redo exam. However, Chairman and Advisor are not in favour to do so. As this will further dent in their new workplan.

So wait for further news, but for sure cancellation is one of the last resort which JPSC is planning to take.


Posted अक्टूबर 2, 2011 by Visionary in BPSC MAINS

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11 responses to “JPSC 2011- the 4th Exam may be cancelled!

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  1. I sense this is also a scam as so many easy questions have been wronged in prelims. The startling revealation on d jpsc web site have shocked d student fraternity.
    That’s couldn’t hv been posdible in d normal circumstances.
    I demand a CBI probe into the matter. Please
    send my message to the honourable JPSC chairman Shiv Basant.

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  5. अभी हाल मै jpsc pt exam के cancell होने की सूचना मिली है कारण है कि पेपर मै 8 प्रश्न गलत है ऐसा ही मामला bpsc व uppsc pt 2010 मै मिला है क्या विशेषज्ञ टीम जो प्रश्नपत्न बनाते है वे अयोग्य है ¿ क्या सरकार या आयोग की कोई निगरानी नही ¡ क्या सब कुछ एसे ही होता रहेगा

  6. i AM EAGERLY WAITING FOR MY jpsc MAIN EXAM FORM. Can any body help me out, when JPSC MAIN exam will be held., since there are least chances of cancellation of this 4th jjpsc exam. I m in need of exam schedule.


  7. Is the Board members of JPSC are sleeping. When will they awake.? Please any body provide them with TATA TEA-so that they can work honestly and properly..and lets all jharkandis can dream of timely exam and can make our State BETTER-A corruption free JHARKHAND.

  8. jpsc main ka exam kab hoga.

  9. jpsc ka main exam kab hoga

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