Uproar against JPSC 2011 results scaling   10 comments

Please check your marks at http://jpsc.gov.in/exam-result.php.

Initially, it was just over the blogs and chatrooms, then over the roads, the resent over “JPSC 2011 result scaling” is growing day by day. And I know for sure only judiciary will be the last resort to the poor aspirants.

In fact now it quite clear by seeing marks of individuals that scaling system at JPSC has failed miserably. In fact some of the candidates has got marks above the maximum (hilarious as some says). And please note this has not happen with only one candidate, but according to my knowledge it is with more than hundred candidates, who are successful with abnormal scaled marks at ” 4th JPSC Civil Service Examination PT Results”.  Quite a devastating statistics for all.

More bitterness are awaiting for JPSC 2011, and be ready that mains for JPSC 2011 will delayed like BPSC 2011.

And Now, started feeling, I have seen what is coming! the deja vu. Let me rephrase my question “why state public service commission are failing miserably every time? and why not union public commission has such questions asked to them? Can any one has answers to this?

10 responses to “Uproar against JPSC 2011 results scaling

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  1. i am not able to get my result…says roll number invalid…bt i hav a valid number…retain my admit card….pls help….

  2. Check rejection list.

  3. पिंगबैक: JPSC comes out with clarification over Scaling row « Civil Services Exam Help

  4. http://russiankettlebells.info Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

  5. please help me i have lost my jpsc 4th civil service exam admit card after pt exam then plesae sir tell my jpsc 4th civil service exam roll no. my name is ampa kisku date of birth 08-02-1980 Father’s name – Suna Ram Kisku

  6. Please Help me Tell me my jpsc 4th civil service exam roll no. my contact no.8757705244 my name-Ampa Kisku, Date of birth-08-02-1980

  7. I can’t see my result so plz help me

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