How come the BPSC can be so irresponsible?   2 comments

“After full year preparation and avoiding all family gatherings gave delayed BPSC 2011, two months of waiting for prelims results, thanks to ‘Maiya Gadhdevi’ I got handsome 118 marks at prelim, started full fledged main paper preparation. now hearing another delay in mains exam, Now even most of the Coaching Institutes are confused over how to prepare mains GS paper? How come premier commissions and top most employer government employer can do this to me sir?”

A desperate voice jolted my heart at my cabin here! My chair began to sink on the third floor of very busy area in Patna Suburb. I was definitely not expecting my morning like this. Where one of  my very enthusiast member of MOCK 30 in such a desperation. A poor fellow like this repenting on his choice of leaving a bank job for BPSC preparation.

you know what’s reply to this in BPSC corridors “at least we are more efficient and transparent than of J*** and other commissions!” WT*

I think neither me nor officials at BPSC can reply to his desperation in real sense, whereas guys like Sumit, who are loosing their career, time and money.

Questions is still wide open!


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2 responses to “How come the BPSC can be so irresponsible?

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  1. I got 115 in bpsc pre.i have 2 take jpsc n other main exam too.koe hai jo jaldi se main karva de.mai batau,kabhi 2 lagata hai ki hamane apne dream ko realise karne me kuchh jyada hi kurbani de di aur de rahe hai.kahi aisa na ho ki jb selection ke bad post pr jaye to kahi muh se yah na nikal jaye ki “le beta esi ke liye etana papad bel rahe the salon se”.par kya kare piche nahi hat sakte ab.are bhae payment facility badhao.ya rishvatkhor hi banane ka erada hai:)

  2. Aur bhae badhane se dukhi mat ho.bas lage raho.bpsc train nahi bus ki badi mara mari hai.khade hone ki jagah tak nahi me jab problem jyada badhe to alexander ko yad karo.usane to puri jindagi hi ladae me khapa di.ab ye mt kahana bpsc dsp banati hai samrat nahi.kisne kaha tha civil ki prep kro.mujhse kisne kaha tha yad nahi aa raha,vaise mere hatho 1 khun likha hai:).vaise mujhe bpsc par ab gussa nahi aata hansi aati hai.main to pre result ke din se hi mukadame aur stay order ka wait kr raha tha.aisa hi aj tak hua hai aur sayad hota rahega.vaise shankarachaya ne to pahale hi kah diya tha ki sab MAYA hai.

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