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Some Essential Time Management Skills

No Matter how Late You are, You do have Enough Time to Plan

Okay, you’ve tried to clear the decks and find some time to commit to that imminent test or report. But it’s not a lot of time. And let’s be realistic: you do have other commitments classes, work schedules, occasionally talking to other human beings in a social setting and maybe even watching a television show every once in a while. Perhaps you’ve put this project off for a while, and that means your time is tight. Doesn’t it make sense to just start in on the project and get whatever you can done? At least you’ll finish something that way. Why not just open the book and start cramming?

Don’t do it.

You always benefit by taking a little timeand in some situations that may be a very little timeto plan your attack. The condensed time management program you’re about to learn is flexible; it will help you make choices about what’s important in your situation, set goals for yourself and develop an organized, logical approach to your study task, one that helps you develop self-discipline and the motivation you’ll need to complete your task successfully.

Read this chapter and the one that follows about some simple steps you can take to quickly improve your memory,

before you proceed to the subsequent chapters of this book. If you don’t take advantage of the advice here about time management, and the advice in the following chapter on mnemonic (memory-boosting) techniques, you won’t be able to follow the program in its entirety.

Your Battle Plan 

If you want to go grocery shopping, you need to make a list. If you want to get a good job, you need a realistic career goal, an intelligently selected list of prospective employers and a series of workable strategies for reaching those employers. If you want to study and achieve a good grade, you need a battle plan.

Mind you, it’s possible to go shopping without a grocery list. You’ll probably spend more than you should, and you may forget several important items, but you can do it. It’s also possible to go looking for any job that happens to come your way. Low of people do just that, and their job searches tend to last a lot longer than they should and land them in positions that really aren’t that satisfying.

And you certainly can study for an imminent test or paper by simply opening your book to a sympathetic-looking page and reading until something that seems worth remembering materializes. But wouldn’t you rather leave that to someone else? Wouldn’t you rather their grades came in at a subpar level?

This program will show you how to spend a small fraction of your total study time identifying key time management goals, and then use the rest of your available time much more efficiently as a result. The exciting, all-too-often. neglected truth is this: The amount of time you spend studyingis far less important than how effective you make your study work. Making a modest time investment up front will allow you to develop an intelligent, flexible plan

hat will work for you…and help you hit that impending completion date with your very best effort.

Study Plan Central

Let’s get started. You will need to find a notebook or diary that win serve one and only purpose: recording all your schedule information.

You can use anything you want, with as much or as little scheduling-related layout inside as you feel is appropriate. But make a commitment to making this book Study Plan Central. This book is going to serve as your repository for critical information, including:

Project due dates.

Class times.

Study schedules you develop.

Meetings you schedule.

Nonstudy commitments.


Personalize, Personalize!

Which time management approach is “right”? The one that works the best for you. The one you feel most comfortable with. The one you can customize to your habits and predispositions. That’s the beautiful thing about your Study Plan Central book. As long as it contains the information just outlined, as long as you take the book everywhere you go and as long as you give the book daily attention and enter everything into it on a regular basisyou can point the system in pretty much any direction you want!


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