BPSC UPSC Mains: How to cope with Civil Services Main Exams Blues   4 comments

Thanks to all my dear friends on the blog for writing me and enquiring about mains paper format, mains paper topics, guesses and probable questions for BPSC UPSC and JPSC mains exam. And actually all these queries relates to only one topic in “Psychology” the exam anxiety.

Let me give you two steps from our famous “10 steps to success at Civil Services and interactive personality development programme.” and a perfect response to all the queries from serious candidates like you.
” Let me first apologise for note replying individually, as being busy with Bootcamp and Moot test currently.

Lets understand the Problem:

Do you remember my first principle of ‘how to attempt BPSC and UPSC exams‘- that just do not waste your precious time over lengthy and probable question format of preparation. Even if syllabus for some subjects are quite vast(like- HIS, MGMT and ENGG), still you can finish the entire syllabus in 3-5 months time with full-time devotion(as you did in graduation, in fact some of us use to do in 15 days, am i right cool-headed people?).

Secondly you can definitely do the revision in 1-2 months time. If you have attended my boot camp series, we have indicated how to divide each subject syllabus and read what is essential rather than wasting our time over not so necessaries topics (without actually not leaving them due to guessing work). We at BPSCJPSC do not encourage Guess/probable questions format at all.

Facts about PSC exams: what the heck they want from you!

Remember, Civil Services Exam Mains format does not allow you make such guesses, even though we know that previous year paper’s question repeats itself, but still it demands you to approach in current context and requires you to apply wholesome mind approach.

And I belive that is major cause of failure of most deserving candidates, as they do follow a stipulated format of study and mugup all the guess papers and material available.

Please keep in mind Public service commission(PSC) want only 2-4% of appearing  from 15,000 odd candidates, anything which can be guessed by candidates should be out of the selector purview and PSC fails to do their duty then whole game of ‘rumour like “Scaling up and scaling down” and then someone will file petition to delay the selection procedure’ comes up

This  is very mantra we follow at BPSCJPSC.

The Response:

So, prepare for the syllabus and believe me if you attempt with open mind, the success will touch your feet and your efforts will never let you down.

Also this is not the time think that you are lacking anywhere or falling short on some topic, this is the time for whatever you read, read it patiently and calmly.

However, I am planning to publish one of the question set for LSW from my first Moot test paper. wait for some more time please.”

Guys, Believe in yourself, even if the task pose as a monster and larger than life.

And if you lose your patience just do basic things as discussed in “10……….”
1) Stop your pen, thoughts whatever you are doing at the moment, and remember your time of success, even if it is very small, like your parents give you a ‘morten’ chocolate or ‘lemonchoose in the train’ when you accomplished a very small task (I know to get this most of us did is only persuasion, never-mind!).

2) Also just try to recall your actual motivation to pursue such a daunting task, again never mind if it is very normal, wanted to just impress your first love with DSP stars or A/DDM chair.


4 responses to “BPSC UPSC Mains: How to cope with Civil Services Main Exams Blues

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  1. Thanks for this inspirational post.

    Sir ,

    Where is this boot camp ? I would like to join it …

  2. for the kind information of all the candidates successful in the pre exam of BPSC…….. today Patna High Court has passed an judgement wherein scaling and moderation were made mendatory in BPSC and Bpsc is directed to incorporate these methods in evaluation process even for the coming mains examination……..therefore mains exam might get delayed………..anywayz its a great news that now onwards BPSC will follow the evaluation pattern similar to UPSC…..

  3. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you actually understand what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally consult with my website =). We could have a link trade contract between us!

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