GS Hot Topic – 17 Situation of RTI activists   3 comments

GETTING INFORMATION under the Right to Information Act can get tricky at times; especially, when Government officials are reluctant to work in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Porbandar:  An RTI activist, Bhagu Devani, has been attacked in Porbandar in Gujarat.
  • Guwahati:  Two days after leading a protest rally in Guwahati that turned violent, eminent Right to Information (RTI) activist and winner of NDTV’s RTI award, Akhil Gogoi was today hauled out by the police from a meeting he had organised at the city Press Club.
  • Maharashtra: Popat Barge was attacked in the Satara district on Sunday night, possibly in retaliation for his attempts to use the RTI to check on illegal construction.
  • Afroz Alam Sahil, an RTI petitioner based in Delhi had requested the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar to provide him the details of the funding of some leading political parties under the Right to Information Act.
Therefore, the important question here is who will use such a valuable tool in India?

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