Preparing Civil Services Mains: Mock test and answer evaluation for Free   10 comments

Online Mock test and answers evaluation for Free:

As promised I have designed the on-line material for PSC aspirants.

This initiative is purely based on non-profit and to support followers here, who have requested me to start the crash course. I know running this kind of preparation for free is upheval task and may upset few of the Money Minters around. That is why, I am planning to reserve it few of my on-line firends and upto maximum of 30 aspirants.(and ofcourse this page will private to these people). After first 30, there will small joing fees based on expenses that I will incur to support this.

Cost:(after 30 aspirants)

1. Time expense made by each evaluators and mock test designers.

2. Maintaining the database of uploaded mock qs and answers material along with backup of the same.



  • A healthy competition between relatively even aspirants.
  • No peer pressure as happens in Classrooms.
  • A unique value to your preparation.
  • Open to all on-line and offline PSC aspirants.
  • Initially it will be focused only on BPSC and JPSC question Pattern, Later on I am planning to include UPSC papers.

Mains paper under considerations are:

1. General Study (mains/PT)

2. Hindi

3. Public Administration

4. Labour and Social Welfare

5. History.

under consideration: but not promised papers are:

1. Sociology

2. Geography.


How to enroll.

Just email me your ID and subject of choice from above at; and I will provide you with username and passowrd to participate. Here Topic, Question and Answer results will be published in form of percentile.

Material will be available for free are:

1. Topic for Mock interview with 4-7 days time to prepare.

2. Mock test questionnaire.

3. Answer sheet a replica of PSC answer-booklet. which you may print or use it on-line itself.

This programme will be exclusive in nature and based on computer generated questions and answers(on-line or offline) will be reviewed by expert panel. First 30 email IDs, will enrolled free.


10 responses to “Preparing Civil Services Mains: Mock test and answer evaluation for Free

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  1. its really a commendable job for us

  2. I want to enroll free mock test for BPSC AND JPSC. My subject is Economics and Labour and social welware.

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  7. Sir kindly enroll me for mock test. My optional paper is Public Administration. My email id, roll no 291185.

  8. Thanks a lot for such valuable post !
    I have a question that for preparing IAS General studies how much time a person should devote. A friend told me about online courses like to save time and focus more on ias prelims preparation. .

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