UPSC CSAT-2011 Cutoff and 2011 CSAT Prelim Analysis   3 comments

The CSAT -2011 has been successfully conducted by the high profile Central Government recruiter of the India with the brand new pattern.
The UPSC had given the new flavor to the examination by adding the aptitude test. Over 4 lakh aspirants applied for the IAS, out of which around 11,000 will be selected for the mains.
Paper-I followed more or less the previous trend of UPSC PT, however number of question has been reduced to 100 from earlier 150.
Paper-II, the aptitude test paper, was the newly introduced paper had 80 questions from General Mental Ability, Comprehension, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Basic Numeracy, Decision-making and Problem-solving, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability.



  1.   metropolitan planning committee
  2.   73rd amendment provides for-statements

Financial polity

  1.   vote on account and interim budget-difference between them
  2.   union budget is not pass it by the lok sabha when
  3.   the functions of finance commission of india.
  4.   consolidated fund of india-withdrawing money
  5.   revenue of union government goes into each account


  1.   fundamental duty-which of the following is not
See majority of questions from budget /money related matters of constitution. And not a single question asking to match the article numbers or timelines. Economy is gaining importance and lime-light like never before and in future prelims, its going to the surpass the current Katrina kaif (geography). It is also time to put D.D.Basu on rest from now onwards for prelims.



  1. Lower Gangetic climate good for which crops
  2. Micro-irrigation
  3. Name of state producing lot cash crops, central part producing cotton.
  4. Salinization in irrigation
  5. State with good climate for orchid cultivation


  1. La nina is different from a el nino
  2. Westerlies in southern hemisphere are stronger. Why
  3. Jetcraft flies easily in lower stratosphere why?

World geography

  1. Brahmaputra makes u turn because
  2. African and eurasian desert belt, why formed?
  3. Malacca strait-reducing travel time to east asia.
Only 11 questions (because lot has gone in to climate change topic). Agro profiles of states have became important. No mapping-questions. No specific place (city, district) based question. Only one, biodiversity area at Odisha.

Climate change-biodiversity

  1. Animal living in sandy and saline area in india
  2. Algal blooms in seawater
  3. Carbon cycle, which adds co2
  4. Biodiversity forms the basis for human existence by
  5. Oil-zapper
  6. Coal combustion at thermal plants, pollutants emitted
  7. Ozone hole in antarctica why
  8. Microbial fuel cells-statements
  9. Bioasphalt important because
  10. Mangroves in tsunami
  11. Red data book for endangered species
  12. Carbon credits-false statement.
  13. Why western ghats and indo-burma regions are hot spots of biodiversity
  14. Why carbon dioxide does not remain in lower atmosphere
  15. Marine upwelling zones are important for ecosystem productivity because
  16. Why tropical rainforest does not regenerate quickly
  17. Himalayan range is rich in species diversity because
  18. Central acts, having relevance with biodiversity conservation
  19. Two rivers of jharkhant and odisha merging and forming biodiversity area at
  20. Site for in-situ method of conservation of flora
  21. Biodiversity between lower and higher latitudes


  1. Indus valley (secular/textile)
  2. Jain philosophy- world is created by
  3. Vedic civilization-meaning of dharma and rita


  1. Reasons for cultural contacts between southeast asia and bay of bengal

Modern post 1857

  1. Nehru report recommendations
  2. Usha mehta-role indian freedom struggle
  3. Home charges in drain of wealth.
  4. Kheda satyagraha, why
  5. Land settlement system of lord cornwallis
  6. Quit india movment- false statement
  7. Weddernburn and caine committee 1893
  8. Gandhi-book unto this last


Courtsey: MRUNAL

Again no point in mugging up those 150 places of harappa where painted gray pottery was found or the 1500 kings, 1500 timelines and 1500 places (stupa here and there, castle-mosque-tomb and temple in every city)  from medieval portion.
Dates, places and kings have lost relevence for CSAT.

Almost 1/5th of the paper is from climate change.
Let me quote a passage from civil service times’ december issue dedicated to biodiversity
Pteridophytes: india has about 1200 species under 204 genera. While species of marsilea, azolla and salvinia grow in aquatic habitats, those of acrostichum occur in mangrove ecosystems.
^See how deep and minute details are bombarded in various magazines and books, while here we find the question don’t require that much depth. As UPSC itself said in syllabus “general issues on environment that donot require subject specialization” however, most questions are “4TF” type so you need to have your concepts clear.
The students finds themselves in tricky position as the negative marks has eroded their marks to significant level.
The choices of GS paper were quite close that led the commitment of error while handling the question.
Similar situation was in the Aptitude paper where students find themselves quite comfortable after the examination but post examination matching of answer slides them down.
So the cut-off for the CSAT-2011 will definitely come down substantially low about 45-50% combined.
Paper I= 45 %
Paper II=55%
Chances are strong, that cut off will be decided after combining the Paper I and Paper II.

3 responses to “UPSC CSAT-2011 Cutoff and 2011 CSAT Prelim Analysis

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  1. I thinking paper I cut off is assumed too high by you and paper II low. After talking to lot of peole, i think paper I would be around 33-38% and paper II around 60%. hopefully combined would be around 40% (I know this doesnt adds up but this is what i am getting on avg frm people)

  2. Great review! This is exactly the type of post that should be shared around the internet. Shame on the Google for not positioning this blog post higher!

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