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“Jai B” Organic Bihar

Probable Qustions: ” Agriculture development in recent time. Efforts made by state government to brand Bihar as a agriculture hub? Development in agriculture?”

 It is worthwhile to note here that Government of India has targeted a growth of 5% in Agriculture sector, while Bihar Government is targeting at 7%, with a mission of reaching every one platter with at least one Bihar Grown Food and vegetables. And the following international conference is one step closer to achieving its target.

Agriculture is the key to the overall development of the State economy.  Agriculture is the backbone of Bihar’s economy 81% of workforce and generating nearly 42% of the State Domestic Product. The percentage of population employed in agriculture production system in Bihar is estimated to 81%, which is much higher than the national average. See the Agenda of this conference here! at slideshare/bpscjpsc.

I will be uploading a LSW topic of National Food Security Mission, Bihar soon!

Some statistics on organic fertilisers:

  • Rs 2640 billion(arab) worth world market.
  • 19,460 tons export of Organic products every year.
  • Bihar is targeting to produce 20,000 tonne every year.
  • Already 5,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser is produced in Bihar.

Further reading on the conference at


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