BPSC result or JPSC result 2011 delay, the problem   1 comment

I know all of us are anxious, furious and disturbed by the Bihar Public Service Commission’s unnecessary delay in the publishing the results of Preliminary Test conducted on 17th April 2011.  According different versions on ‘release of result’, I am going ahead with tele-discussion with one of follower here and Under-secretory over the phone. According to his conversation the results will be out by 25th June 2011 or so.

I am truly with you guys in this horrific moment of anxiousness, but we should not forget the problems in releasing the results, which BPSC faces anything from partialisation/corruption  to naiveness with OMR sheet for the first time, from RTI which they faced last time to wrong question and options in PT exams. Also can you imagine JPSC PT results 2011 has not been released after 3 months and without any hope due corruption charges. Therefore, I usher a request to all fellow members to be pateint and concentrate yourselves on mains exams, irrespective of your scoring pattern.

I have so many request on cutoffs and marks and have seen so many discussion over marks. I have observed a funny pattern on the marks distribution along with answer sheet over numerous site and on Xerox shops, believe me most of these answers are missing 4-10 right answers. So all your assumption may be held upside down when it comes to result time.

Be optimistic as the vacancy has been increased and student appeard for PT exam where less than 60% of 2.3 lakhs. Sometimes I could not believe for UPSC 5.6 lakhs applications and 2.7 lakh aspirants appears from all over India, which is same as of BPSC applicants alone. Can you imagine these figures in context of 300 to 800 opportunities available. These are mind boggling astronomical figures, increases the competition to a different level where no cutoff actually matters.

Infact, I am proud of these figures that so many aspirant are interested in  joining Bihar’s esteemed commission. Thanks to the soil of this country and state where world first democracy has been recorded in history and attracting so many talents.

Secondly, what would be cutoffs? It does not matter, how much you score based on these marksheet and also whatever cutoff Service Commission decides your hard work will pay-off (either in this exam or next one it does not matter.)

So hold your horses and concentrate on mains, everyone should be aware that Public Service Commission tests your limitations not your strength.


One response to “BPSC result or JPSC result 2011 delay, the problem

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  1. I hope BPSC publishes the result soon!

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