GS / LSW hot topic – 4 for BPSC UPSC Main 2011   3 comments

As most of my friends are asking on LSW and GS hot topic Right to Service Act 2011, Bihar. I am including a brief here and a downloadable attachment file at the end on the white paper of the Act.

Purpose of the Bill:
“A Bill to provide for the delivery of services to the people of the State within the stipulated time limit and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto”
The bill is also called as Bihar Rajya Sewa Dene Ki Guarantee Vidheyak, 2011 and will be extended to whole Bihar once enacted. This bill is just also get enacted in Punjab on 7th June 2011 and came into effect from the same day.

The Bill synopsis:

Governor of Bihar has approved the Right to Service Act. This act is first of its kind in India, which is expected curb corrupt practices in the State Government. Most of the time common people are compelled to grease the hands of Officers/ Clerks to get their work done in timely manner. However with the advent of this act Government workers would not be able to delay the work of citizens and if they do any such things, there is provision of punishing them through Fine or Rs 250 per day beyond the stipulated time specified by the State Government. Services, which come under this Act in Bihar State, are following:

Certificate and Report Works
Work Officer Time Period (Maximum)
Caste Certificate BDO 15 days
Domicile (Residence Certificate) BDO 15 days
Income Certificate BDO 15 days
New Ration Card SDO 60 days
Post-mortem Report Concerned Doctor 3 days
Old Age Pension BDO 21 days
License Works
Public Distribution Shop (Ration Shop) SDO 30 days
Fertilizer Shop District Agriculture Officer 30 days
Seed Shop Division Agriculture Officer 30 days
Pulse/ Flour Mill Chief Industrial Officer 30 days
Brick Klin District Mining Officer 30 days
Aara Machine Forest Officer (Commissionary ) 30 days
Police Verification Works
Passport Police Station In charge/ Inspector 7 days
Arms Licence Do 7 days
Appointment Related Matters Do 7 days
Character Certificate Do 7 days
L T Connection Executive Engineer 30 days
Wrong Billing Assistant Engineer 24 hours
Fuse Repair (Town) Assistant Engineer 4 hours
Fuse Repair (Rural) Assistant Engineer 1 day
Break Down (Town) Do 6 hours
Break Down (Rural) Do 36 hours
Transport Related Works
Driving License DTO 30 days
Smart Card Conversion of License DTO 7 days
International Driving License DTO 7 days
Vehicle Registration DTO 7 days
Tax Relaxation DTO 30
Fitness Certificate DTO 10

For complete details you may read the official document which is available on the official website of Government of Bihar.



3 responses to “GS / LSW hot topic – 4 for BPSC UPSC Main 2011

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