Successful and unsuccessful BPSC PT candidates   Leave a comment

Successful Candidates:

If your are successful, ofcourse you should start taking next three month very seriously, and the best start would be fix a timetable suiting your status of prep. I am suggesting a top down approach for fixing your ‘mains prep’ study. A very few training institute teach this method of prep. (assuming you have been through the syllabus by now!)

Actually this method helps you focus on 80/20 Pareto rule for revising your paper. where the 80 percentage of time of revision should be given on main 20% of the topics.

Simplistic example of this method would be fixing the tentative day for mains paper(mostly in mid september), countdown the days remaining. and fix up your optional subject syllabus and divide it with weight age average time schedule.  If you need further help on time management there are abundant material available online. You may directly send me emails.

Unsuccessful candidates:

If you ask me officially, i really don’t know which state PSC does scalling or which PSC does not, frankly there is no written rule for this. And for scaling should not be acceptable on PT level evaluation at all (including JPSC exam).

and if you doubt that there is any kind of scaling, just after they disclose the results, you can approach RTI. I have written a successful RTI on BPSC press release for you encouragement.

“BPSC asked to give break-up of marks

Patna: In an order which could be handy for the students to assess themselves, the Patna High Court has upheld the order of the State Information Commission (SIC) directing the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) to disclose question-wise break-up of marks obtained by them.

 A single bench of Justice Ajay Kumar Tripathi has dismissed the petition filed by BPSC challenging the order of SIC directing it to provide the detailed marks to the examinees.

Dismissing the petition, Justice Tripathi on Thursday said that information and knowledge are critical for realising human aspiration. Only a knowledgeable society can assert its fundamental rights and demand quality life.

The court said that the Right to Information Act was meant to facilitate transparency in every sphere of life. The Act has been put into effect with the objective of open and a participative government which shall fulfil the needs of the people as envisaged under the Constitution of India, Justice Tripathi observed in the recent judgement.

The court did not find any fault in SIC’s direction to the BPSC to provide question-wise marks to the examinees of 46th Combined Competitive Examination. The court has some difficulty in accepting the stand of the petitioner (BPSC) that they are not duty bound to furnish the information demanded by respondent no. 3 (the examinee), he stated.

The bench observed that the State Information Commission has not transgressed its power in directing the petitioner (BPSC) to furnishthe information to the examinee. –PTI

The Hindu, Friday, Oct 31, 2008

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