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People often get confused while selecting subject and material for the preparation of BPSC mains. According to me the confusion is totally valid because of non-responsive and totally opaque policies at such esteemed department of Bihar Government.

BPSC department even does not publish the syllabus officially (so no one can be accountable if some questions comes published wrongly).

Please i am not here curse them for what they not doing, I am here to point out the GAPs in the system, and what can be done to improve it. And I believe a healthy discussion and forum like this will be absolutely essential for a progressive government like Bihar and Jharkhand.

Ok! lets brainstorm over the BPSC preparation material:

1. My first suggestion for people who are confused with the UPSC material and BPSC material, please do not get skeptic about UPSC materials, while concentrating BPSC mains. However, the major difference comes in approach to take answers.( i will be writing over this in  a separate blog soon)

2. Also, do not get affraid of some of my friends, who says ” if not UPSC, I will definitely clear BPSC” the statistics is not in favour these blabbers! Stats are in favour of whom, who study with BPSC syllabus while referring UPSC material.

3. I am not denying the fact “there are major portion of syllabus for main subjects which overlaps in Both BPSC and UPSC exams”. therefore don’t worry if you have UPSC study material and not BPSC specific.

4. For aspirants concentrating only state PSC’s, you can source study materials from Local market if you are in that state(say from Patna for BPSC and Ranchi for JPSC), because it is cheaply available( you get discount upto 35% to 40%) and also you can judge which material is appropriate for you while purchasing.

5. Who are outside of Bihar, including me- you should get in touch with your friends /internet and try to source material thorugh flipkart etc, or by a personnel courier.

6. Some coaching materials are available at Photo-copiers centres in Patna specifically for BPSC. For obvious reason i can not disclose here of materials and xerox centre. However, for UPSC material you can definitely note down following Photo-copy addresses:

The Xerox of all of mains paper is available at following locations in Delhi

  1. Xerox Shop opposite Aggarwal Sweets in Old Rajinder Nagar,Delhi.
  2. Kumar Book Shop at Patel Chest, North Delhi. (Near KhalsaCollege).
  3. Jawahar Book Depot, Ber Sarai, South Delhi.
  4. Will also be available at various Xerox shops in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.

Self study material will covered in  next blog.
GOOD luck


Posted जून 8, 2011 by Visionary in BPSC 2011 Mains, BPSC MAINS, UPSC, UPSC Mains

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