BPSC Main 2011: How to prepare   Leave a comment

This is my matra on how to attempt BPSC / JPSC 2011 mains.

Even though it would be your first attempt, you should choose your language and subject from your area of interest.

Look, the time now to attempt 2011 mains is very less and may not be justifies with thorough studies, unless your graduation subjects being the paper you choose for exam. Thereby, I will suggest you that keep your mind open and
1) Check out last ten year BPSC papers,

2) Tick mark your area of interest in the relevant reference books.
3) Match the chapter which cover your area of interest and Qs of Last 10 years.
4) Fix-up your study hours tightly.
5) Prioritise your chapters and Qs if possible.
6) Study and try to understand the concept.
7) I will recommend you to study at least X-XIIth NCERT Hindi medium books for first few day(if your are not confident on the subject of your choice). Trust me, It won’t take much of your time and defiantly help you to understand the subject better.(For History) even better, you can finish whole NCERT syllabus in a week of study. Wish you had one year you could have refer numerous book and NCERT 6-12 books.
Please remember impossible itself spells i-m-possible. I hope this will calm you down and help you to focus.

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